You have purchased a unique product, distinguished by its high level of craftsmanship.

We use exclusive materials and leathers for the production of our collections. Each product is conceived and manufactured with great care and precision.

The handcrafted treatment of the materials makes them different. This is also what makes them interesting, unique and specific. In order to maintain the value and longevity of our products, we offer these suggestions for proper maintenance.



I. General Advice

For all leather goods, light-colored items in particular, please avoid extended contact with any materials likely to lose color and stain the leather. Please protect your leather goods from damp and keep away from all heat sources (radiators, inside cars in summer, etc.) Please avoid leaving a leather item in the sun for a long time: an extended exposure to natural or artificial sunlight may cause a change in color or appearance.

Our materials are not resistant to water, fatty substances, make-up products or perfume.

We suggest you always use a shoehorn while putting on footwear, so that the shoe will not be damaged. To facilitate putting on your shoes and avoid disfigurement of the upper, we suggest that you always unfasten the shoe. Always allow your footwear to dry at room temperature, away from direct heat. Once they are dry, insert shoetree.


II. Cleaning

To remove normal dirt, rub with a soft brush. For more resistant dirt, rub with a damp cloth. Spots should be gently removed by using a sponge and a neutral soap. If water stains occur, you can use diluted vinegar to remove them. Be careful to dab the solution on the stains, do not rub.

III. Feathers

To care for or clean your handcrafted SACCO BARET feather application, please wipe feathers gently with a soft dry cloth in the correct direction of the feather application.

IV. Storing

When not in use, please keep your footwear or leather goods in the felt bag or bags provided for protection.